Beautiful Darkness (laheat) wrote,
Beautiful Darkness

Who is still on here? I am about to start a new livejournal and add my old peeps, so shoot me a line if you want to read my ramblings again or comment so I know your account is still real. :)

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Of course I want to stay in touch! :-)

To answer your question in the other thread, I'm doing well for the most part. Just a day at a time. How about you? Things improving for you?
Ehh, sort of, still need a change. About to move again. :) Thank you, I will identify myself when I create my new journal. Time for a change and I feel journaling will definitely help me track my thoughts and stay in touch with people I missed.
I'm here still!
sweet I'll add you to my new LJ :) how have you been love? xxx
in most ways I'm doing really well. . .in others I'm struggling. But the struggling is situational (best friend is dying from a rare form of liver cancer, anyone would be struggling) which is better than the all-consuming depression that I had going on last year at this time.
I'm here! x
please add me!=p