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Dealing with shit
*The roomie is on psycho bitch mode and keeps throwing open the windows and kicking the heat off sporadically. Demanding total silence at all times. Just general jerkiness and comments. Calling me names. Making herself known. Kicking my stereo when I had my music on. I did tell her to fuck off then. But she does not care. And no, my ra is no help, she's not even back yet. We've been here for 3 days.
*I got really sick. And just let the parentals take care of me. That is improving.
*My new classes are harder than I realized...rapid-fire gaelic and 400 senior level Shakespeare. Which means I have to eat now.
*I am getting professional help for myself and medication.

Oh! Great news! There is a single for me potentially! I know in two weeks cause that's how housing is!! But I am probably moving!!

Suggestions on not collapsing into tears before then? I am still sick and freezing, but the stupid bitch is in the room 100% of the time. I wonder if she's even eating cause I don't see her going to the caf, which I did totay, after much "Come on lady, you need to this." After being sick for four days, I had to work to get myself to not just starve.
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