Beautiful Darkness (laheat) wrote,
Beautiful Darkness

Hey old friends! *waves*

Awwww, I was so happy to see comments from good old people.

I'm not a person who doesn't leave someone added if I still like them...I want to know how you are, and what's going on.

FYI, new e and aim: (also my msn) and ohhlucas on AIM.

Disturbing, disruptive...after a great week at class, while Mason hauled me through the mud again and again, I got pissed and, despite the fact I love him, told him I needed "a breath." his response? "What the fuck does that mean??" Good question, I like to breathe and have lovers at the same time generally.

It's just...he treats me like shite, and I know that, but I'm still in love with him. He's a great guy deep down, but he's a horrible lover in terms of emotional support (I liked him better as I friend) and I'm just constantly fighting to keep myself into this.

Tom and I...Tom, who always makes the time for me, let me live with him when it was just the two of us, who fucking drove me to class when I was sick every damn day this week (bf: never) got to talking, and we were just being hypothetical, but we both realized we were, actually, inexplicably right for each other.

I don't think we're going to act on it. I love mason. Realistically, this break up may call it for us (bad girl) but he needs to GROW UP and see what's happening here. I love mason. I love mason. that sounds so weird and just, overblow, because I never, ever told him I did. (Though he suspected, I bet.) I came close than said nahh. I don't know how he feels.

Maybe I won't.

That was one of the hardest relationship decesions I've had to make. Quitting it.
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