Beautiful Darkness (laheat) wrote,
Beautiful Darkness

FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, Swedes, who sneer on me when I say I'm american.

I don’t eat big macs, I hate coke, I hate Bush and did not vote for him. I have a BMI that is emaciated by some scales. I am sensitive, intelligent, and extremely educated. I have probably seen less American cinema then somebody of your culture who happens to be half my age. I don’t wear inverted suspenders and call it fashion, and back home, Lee jeans are retarded, but I say nothing, and I’m not going to, so stop making fun of how I dress. I eat with my left hand even though it’s killing my wrist. I speak your language, YES WITH AN ACCENT, FUCK YOU. I shut my mouth and smile when you glare at me. I wave at you when you shun me. I keep smiling. I’m going to.

Guess what? I’m trying damn hard to learn everything in your culture, and I never talk about how great my country is. I always tell you how much I love Sweden. I really do. IF YOU STILL HATE ME JUST BECAUSE I COME FROM FUCKING AMERICA, WHOSE FUCKING IMPORTS YOU SEEM TO FUCKING EAT UP, YOU’RE AS IGNORANT AS YOU SEEM TO PERCEIVE EVERY AMERICAN.

And stop fucking kicking me on the fucking subway. And stop body slamming me when I go throw crowds. And stop throwing hamburger wrappers at me.

I want to go home so so bad.
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